Fall Down
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Just felt like writing this, and sharing it.

Fall Down

The other day the world shone,

But today all colour is gone.

I had control; I felt strong,

Today - where do I belong?

The world spins as I look around.

I don't want to be happy,

I want to be sad.

Why would you help me up,

When I just want to fall down?

I'm counting my reasons now,

Reasons to live or to die.

I feel the heat, I'll vow,

I'll smile, I'll laugh, just to lie.

None but I will know that it's my time.

I don't want you to be mad.

I want you to be glad.

Why would I want to go up,

When you want me to go down?

I can feel it descending,

That cloud of doubt impending.

The cloud consumes me,

Eating me up it reduces me.

Its all fading; my reasons failing.

I cannot win this, I've already lost.

My breath hitches, mind gone,

I am all alone as I fall down.

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