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resurgophoenix Never scream again.
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A sad poem about struggling with mental illness.


Diode brain on rummage swift

Tremor dance into the abyss

Time crawls through the mud

I ascend into nothingness

White, Black, Gray and then silence

Rolling in the bed of spikes

Time runs through the blood

Out into the nothingness

Point I find but never hold

Wait until I'm very old

Thank you for this moment still

Open eyes and always cold

Kill me

No, It's not that easy

Only living ones speak freely

Born from the nothingness

Save me

No, It's never simple

I come back a mental cripple

Thank you for this moment still

I am not the freshest kill

Walk past the diode switch

I would rather not exist

Open eyes and always cold

Closed mouth and always told

Fade me into nothingness

System lost in the abyss

Time runs out into the blood

I am the very nothingness

The single strand of nothingness

The vessel rigged with nothingness

Nothing on the platter still

Hunting for the freshest kill

Leave me, Find me

A lock and a key

Only one and only me

Only I can set me free

Rummage through the nothing

I see without my eyes

I created something

I am not surprised

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