resplendentA girl stuck in a hurricane of thoughts
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She was amber flame, that arose from dust.
Her eyes so mesmerizing, drawing you in. Come a little closer, allured by golden wisps in air.
Be careful, for very soon engulfed by her warmth you could turn to ashes.


by resplendent

Memories and a little more of you

Thoughts of you, embedded in my head. These memories scattered around so free suffocating me like aerosol in my lungs. Gasping for air. A struggle to breath cuz when I do, I breath in memories.

Nooks and Crannies

We all are empty Nothing but a stack of ivory bones Occasionally found with feelings embedded with care in those nooks and crannies that we all pledge to keep hidden.

Skin and Bones

Glitter in those dark shiny orbs That hold the abysmal depths of the oceans And skin that covers the truth held within.


You grew the flowers you loved in her elastic lungs the prickly thorns that scarred her relentless soul the tiny pollen's suffocated her but you lay oblivious

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A poem about all that's soft and gentle.

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This is resplendent. It was beautifully worded and the meter of the poem swung me right trough you message in a syncopated beat that you established. This is a wonderful poem.

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this is gorgeous!