"You Crushing on Anyone?"
"You Crushing on Anyone?" girl stories

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"You don't know the half of it."

"You Crushing on Anyone?"

I can't remember a time

where I wasn't pining for a girl

who didn't like me back.

"Thank you. You were the first girl

to ever make me feel like

I could be in a relationship."

How lame are those words?

How pitiful can a guy get?

What an awkward thing to say to the girl you like!

Uphold your code. Follow your rule.

"Don't put any unnecessary pressure on her."

But what am I supposed to say to get her to see me?

See me like you see him.

Wear that smile when you talk to me.

I wear it for you, after all.

I would compete for you, but then I just think:

"I don't deserve her if I let jealousy fuel me."

But maybe I'm just a coward. Too scared to try.

But God has me on a path, right? His path?

He performs sudden miracles and unexpected blessings.

I'll meet the one for me in due time.

I hope.

I hope. I pray.

I hope. I pray. I plead.

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