Of It's Own Accord
Of It's Own Accord
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renmaisley Practicing poetry etc. Feedback please!
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A poem about invasive love

Of It's Own Accord

Slowly but surely, you are consuming my whole life.

In times of joy and excitement, misery and strife.

Be it my thoughts or my eyes, you attract them all.

I think Oasis said it best with "Wonderwall."

Have I a router connected to my brain?

One that brings my thoughts to you while I resist in vain?

While I wake and while I sleep; in everything I do,

I don't need to strain to see at least a part of you.

Honestly! This is distracting me from my studies.

But would I prefer if we were only "buddies?"

Someone to laugh with and exchange fist bumps,

To encourage each other to get out of our slumps.

I'd be okay with that. No, really!

That'd be awesome, even if it's a bit silly.

Shoot, I just friendzoned myself, how cliche.

Oh well, it was gonna happen anyway.

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