Encouragement of Flight
Encouragement of Flight sky stories

renmaisley Practicing poetry etc. Feedback please!
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A poem about freedom and encouragement

Encouragement of Flight

Unfurl your wings and take flight, now!

Quickly, before the eyes that behold you avert,

and you lose all of your glorious courage

that seemed boundless in that exhilarating moment.

Take to the skies and glide out!

Soar into the breathtaking orange sunset

or fly into the glimmering starlight.

Whichever you prefer, both, or neither.

You can just head into the open blue sky

with no destination in sight or in mind.

Like a cloud in the gentle wind,

drifting along, far and away.

But if your wings grow heavy with fatigue,

or a bout of loneliness gets the better of you,

just know that when you find your way back down,

wherever you are, I'll be there.

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