A Vulnerability From Temptation
A Vulnerability From Temptation  beauty stories

renmaisley Practicing poetry etc. Feedback please!
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A poem about beauty and temptation

A Vulnerability From Temptation

If you were to ask me if

I had an eye for beauty five years ago,

I would have said no, as my trance-like

way of living suited me just fine.

But now, the opposite's true.

I've an eye for beauty, quite the eye.

Tempted by radiant things, just to

provide gratification in the short term.

A hedonistic impulse? I suspect as much.

Does that mean this temptation is an ugly thing?

Perhaps, but this sight can't fade just yet.

I haven't seen enough pretty things.

You must think me a selfish person,

or even a weak-willed moth creature.

But this pleasure only empowers me so.

That might be backwards, but I'm grateful for it.

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