A Cure for Our Mindset
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renmaisley Practicing poetry etc. Feedback please!
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A poem about inspiration and rediscovery

A Cure for Our Mindset

Rend from your minds, now,

Of all that makes you indifferent.

For this world has not lost its color,

You're just failing to see its pigment.

I have an inkling of the reason why you claim

Your surroundings have all gone monochromatic.

It's because your attention has homed in on

The details that make your worldview static.

Allow yourselves to take a step back

And view this world in all its glory.

Let your senses fully realize all aspects,

And take what you see to rejuvenate your story.

Take what is now suddenly familiar

And use it to acquire inspiration.

Find the beauty in everything,

And you will be on track to re-creation.

It is unfortunate that so many

Fall out of love with their life.

Learn to care and be cared for again,

And you will surely experience less strife.

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