Crush feelings crushed

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A crush. That feeling of butterflies just from a text...where have they gone?

Part 1

Crush feelings crushed

Another day of texting, as our usual routine, and a flirtatious environment came to shine with the dark night.

Lately, I have been feeling bolder than ever, so being honest with you did not bother me.

Maybe I should thank this boldness for allowing me to tell you that you make me happy. You said I did too. That made my feelings dance a romantic waltz.

What if it was us two doing the waltz? Would you want to dance with me? I know for sure I would.

Dance with me any way you want; dance with me and have fun as we do not mind what the gazing eyes would say.

Days go by. I think of the future, would confessing be worth it or not?

Days go by. I don't feel excited about him anymore.

Weeks go by

Where did the butterflies go? Have they died?

The friendship still stands. The boy friend is still with me. But these two words stayed apart.

Now here goes another crush in my book. They were just tiny feelings that gave me hope of something developing. Why do I move on so fast? Is this good or bad?

Are my feelings gone as a sign he was not the one?

A new chapter appears.

The end.

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