Let us celebrate one another
Let us celebrate one another human race/ stories

renhui Poet
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My first try of a quantum physics poem . . .

Let us celebrate one another

look into my eyes -- blue green brown black blue as the ocean green as the pines brown as the earth black as the rock

go deeper you will see the rise of a young tree the breath of a baby and the power of an elephant

The red heart beats within me in the same rhythm as around me beng beng beng beng beng beng... a hidden stream linking each

under the blazing sun and the silvery moon I practice flying my wings and manifest my being

white light opens the channels to the old rivers of ancient times millions of years in the making of the human race

we suffer we endure we suffer more we endure more

we become self conscious why why why Are we born good or evil

Adam and Eve driven out of the walled garden for eating the apple "Confess your sins or wear the scarlet letter forever on your chest"

a lonely straw-hatted old man fishing alone in the cold river snow no birds or human in view "Follow the laws of nature or wander forever in your own homes"

we make love and wars killed thousands with our hands and swords, and atomic bombs cared for millions who were starving, sick and wounded without homes

happiness or meaning I choose the latter I am no tragic hero molding and creating I sacrifice for tomorrow

Christmas and New Year's again

run run run run to the top of the hills decorate the tree light the fireworks let us celebrate let us embrace each other -- our colored eyes our red heart let us celebrate one another

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