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I'm tired of social and I'm not talking face-to-face, But time on the phone

Attention Media

I'm tired of social ,and I'm not talking face-to-face

I'm tired of social ,and I'm not talking face-to-face, But time on the phone


and scroll

and scroll

Until your time is gone.

Watching everyone push: agenda

Watching everyone push: product

Watching everyone push: Program

Watching everyone push: Service

Watching everyone push: An idea

Let’s just rename it Attention Media.

Oh, you’re a coach who coaches coaches who coach and consult?

Do they know those inspirational stories you post are only half the spokes on your wheel?

It’s all a hoax, mirrors, and smoke. Why take notes from someone who’s never ventured in what you’re doing?

Afraid to take steps before perusing what intuition is showing

All of these think tankers, system makers, and marketing saviors would have you thinking that what they got can make your work days stop.

But don’t allow yourself to be so easily bought. Think your own thoughts and do some research before jumping the gun.

I apologize for the cliche idiom. There’s just no denying what it is, and maybe this wasn’t the full intent when Kevin and Mike sat down to invent,

But, everyone I’m social with is in my contacts list. So, pushing agendas is where we sit. Human nature at it’s finest.

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