Happy valentine's day.
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renalorraineIf only you knew.
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Happy valentine's day.

by renalorraine

Love for letter's out of the 26 letter alphabet one word that is used so powerfully and destroys so many. Love hqppy valentine's day.

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renalorraineIf only you knew.
3 months ago
No me Deja's. regresa.
Spanish translation I miss u, everyday ,I miss u.

renalorraineIf only you knew.
6 months ago
Love that is no longer here

renalorraineIf only you knew.
a month ago
Society has drilled it into oir heads that there i...

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
I wasn't too sure on this one... I reread it countless times but still it made no sense and I couldn't find a meaning. You have hidden the message and that is a unique way of writing...not the best...but a creative way. Thanks for taking up my time!