Don't Forget Jeong Jung-Hae Part 2 The Final
Don't Forget Jeong Jung-Hae Part 2 The Final b1a4 stories

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( 정중해 ) Jeong Jung-hae ( Polite in korean ) and Han Seung-woo was a sweet-heart but then when Jeong Jung-hae mom die and her father remarry, things started to get out of control. Jeong Jung-hae get into a car accident and was believe dead but after 20 years Seung-woo see someone who look exactly like Jeong Jung-hae only for a glimpse second. Is it really someone else or is it really Jeong Jung-hae who's alive? was everything a lies?

Don't Forget Jeong Jung-Hae Part 2 The Final

20 years later At the office* " What is your name? " ask CEO Han Seung-woo " my name is Park Ji-Hae " replied the woman who cover her face with a book " May I see your Face? " ask CEO Seung-woo Slowly the woman uncover her face. Han Seung-woo was shock because standing next to him was a woman who look exactly like his long lost sweet-heart Jeong Jung-Hae.

*At Mr. Jeong home * "Mr. Jeong are you sure Jeong Jung-Hae is dead? " ask Han Seung-woo " Yes " answer Yoon Mi Ra almost too quickly " Yes and why did you ask when we already confirm that she's dead? " ask Mr. Jeong " Because i saw someone who look exactly like Jeong Jung-Hae "answer Seung-woo " what? " said Mr.Jeong Mi Ra suddenly feel like Jeong Jung-Hae is about to win

"Hey Yoon Tae-In did you also know about someone who look exactly like Jeong Jung-Hae? " ask Mi Ra in a fear tone " No " answer Tae-In " you better be careful " warn Mi Ra * At Seung-woo office * As Yoon Tae-In walk in CEO office, soemone walk out and she accidentally bump into her. Yoon Tae-In lean her hand and when the woman show her face,Tae-In froze. That Girl does look like Jeong Jung-Hae...

Seung-woo come out of the office and take Park Ji-Hae into his office once again. "Are You sure you're not Jeong Jung-Hae ? " ask CEO Seung-woo with tears " No " answer Park Ji-Hae as she walk out the door. Little does she know that Yoon Tae-In is following behide.

As Park Ji-Hae walk, yoon Tae In almost hit Ji-Hae with her car. Park Ji-Hae suddenly become dizzy as her memories flush in. " Hey are you okay? " ask Tae-In as Ji-Hae just stare at her. " Next time, watch where you're going " said Tae-In.As Tae-in turn, Ji-hae slowly get up." Yoon Tae-in It's you that hit me right?" ask Ji-Hae while Tae-in look suddenly frighten." It's Me Jeong Jung-Hae " said Ji-hae

Jeong Jung-Hae run to CEO Seung-woo and told him every details except about Mi Ra and Tae-In. Seung-woo brought her to her father. As daughter and father embrace, seung-woo told everything to Mr. jeong even about Mi Ra and Tae-In where he heard the information from Lee Jung. As The daughter mother went to jail, Jeong Jung-Hae suddenly faint.

" what, so she-she's only going to live for three day? " cried Mr. Jeong. 3 days later Jeong Jung-Hae Visit her step-mom and step-sisther who apologize for their evil behavior. * Back to jeong Jung old house near the beach * " Now i can rest in peace " said Jeong Jung-Hae as she slowly close her eyes. " Rest in peace jeong jung-hae, i will never forget you " promise Seung-woo with tears

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