Don't Forget Jeong Jung-hae Part 1
Don't Forget Jeong Jung-hae Part 1 b1a4 stories

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( 정중해 ) Jeong Jung-hae ( Polite in korean ) and Han Seung-woo was a sweet-heart but then when Jeong Jung-hae mom die and her father remarry, things started to get out of control. Jeong Jung-hae get into a car accident and was believe dead but after 20 years Seung-woo see someone who look exactly like Jeong Jung-hae only for a glimpse second. Is it really someone else or is it really Jeong Jung-hae who's alive? was everything a lies?

Don't Forget Jeong Jung-hae Part 1

" Mom, mom, MOM! " scream Jeong Jung-hae. She felt Han Seung-woo hand in her shoulder trying to comfort her. After a few month, jeong Jung-hae and her father move to a new house that look beautiful but she still miss her mom. " Jeong Jung-hae, how do you like getting a new mommy? " ask her father ( Jeong Sang ) " a new mommy? " ask Jeong Jung-hae Her dad noded " If you're happy then i'm happy " smile Jeong Jung-hae. She is happy that her father is happy but she was also sad that they might forgot all about her mom. Her father remarry in the next 3 day to a top singer-actress Yoon Mi Ra. For a couple of days they were very happy but it change after her step-sister arrive. " Jeong Jung-hae meet Yoon Tae-In " said Yoon Mi Ra introducing the two. Jeong Jung-hae held her hand but Yoon Tae-In just like at it and walk pass her. Embarrass Mi Ra went after her biological Daughter.

It been two day since Jeong Jung-hae see her oppa so she invite Han Seung-woo and his family over for dinner. As they arrive, Tae-In instantly fall in love with him but when she saw that Seung-woo go toward and took her hand, she feel instantly jealous. They were all eating happily when Seung-woo father suddenly announce that Seung-woo be going to Study-abroad in America. Jeong Jung-Hae look at Seung-woo who look down. * outside of her house * " you're really going to study-abroad? " ask Jeong Jung-Hae trying hard not to cry " yeah " answer Seung-woo who turn to her side and wipe her tears away with his hand and smile. " Here, this is for you " said Jeong Jung-hae handing her own had-made hat to Seung-woo " wow. thank you. here is a present for you " said Seung-woo as he put the necklace in her neck while she put the necklace in his neck. Then they sit comfortable silently. As she woke up, she realize that she be late. She go down stair in a rush but has to clean up. " Madam please, i need to get to the airport " side Jeong Jung-hae Yoon Mi Ra get closer to Jeong Jung-hae and slap her across her face " when will you call me MOTHER?! " ask Mi Ra then she slap once again " and Han Seung-woo if for my daughter Yoon Tae-In only " said Mi Ra " But aren't i also your daughter now? " ask Jeong Jung-Hae " when have you consider me as a MOTHER?!! " Mi Ra scream and she slap Jeong Jung-hae the third time again. Just before Mr. Jeong come, Mi Ra act all nice and told Jeong Jung-hae to change so she could go to Seung-woo. Little does she know that Mi Ra follow her quietly.

As Jeong Jung-hae finish changing she grab the door handle but it didn't move. She try again but it still won't move. Slowly she come to a realization that the door was lock. She try all her mind and scream for help. She stop and listen to the conversation between her father and Mi Ra. " Honey Let's go eat at a restaurant " said Mi Ra " where's our daughter? " ask Mr. Jeong " They're with Han Seung-woo " answer Mi Ra Before they go, Jeong Jung-hae scream all her might once again but Mi Ra has won. She cry the entire day to night. playing recorder that record Seung-woo confession. " Jeong Jung-hae stop. Stop crying " said the recorder Jeong Jung-hae suddenly stop bewilderedly " surprise you didn't I? whenever you heard this smile and be happy. Maybe because i'm young i don't know much about love but i love you Jeong Jung-Hae " laugh Seung-woo as the recorder ended.

* 3 years later * " Jeong Jung-hae phone rang! " yell Mi Ra as Jeong Jung-hae put the phone to her ear, she froze and then she put the phone back. " who is it? " ask Mi Ra in a fear voice When Jeong Jung-hae doesn't answer her fears was coming true. It was from Han Seung-woo. While, she stand frozen, Yoon Tae-In chase after jeong Jung-In. While Jeong- Jung-haerun away as fast she could, Tae-In caught up with her. She grab Jung-hae by the hair and they both scream and yank each other hair and finally Jeong Jung-Hae was able to free herself. She ran and get inside a taxi. She got out of car and there was no car so she cross. But as soon as she cross, someone has hit her with a car. no not again, when will i see Han Seung-woo oppa that was her last thought before she close her eyes. han seung-woo come down from the building to meet Jeong Jung-Hae but she was Nowhere that's when he saw a pile of bloods and a necklace that match his. He slowly walk to the pile of bloods and pick the necklace. Then he see another item, their childhood recorder. He play the recorder and listen to it. " Han Seung-woo oppa I Love You too so when-ever you read this smile and be happy " finish the recorder Han Seung-woo sit nad cry his heart out. * 20 years later at the office * " What is your name " ask CEO Han Seung-woo " My name is Lim Ji-Hae " answer the woman who cover her face " may i see your face ? " ask CEO Han Seung-woo slowly she remove the book and show her face. Seung-woo was shock because standing next to him is a person who look exactly like his lost sweet-heart Jeong Jung-Hae.

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