Destiny To Meet You
Destiny To Meet  You jiyeon stories

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As Kim Jaemi run away from the strangers, she accidentally end up hiding in a weird car. She enter the Car key and the weird car take her all the way back to the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty. Will she be able to survived and go back to the future or will she be killed in this time period?

Destiny To Meet You

"HEY, WAIT UP!"shout the stranger but Kim Jaemi keep on running but they're so fast. After a while she become tired and rest. Suddenly she heard two footsteps coming toward her. " oh no, what am i going to do? " ask Jaemi to herself. Then she see a car that is very old and rusty. " quick inside the car " said her mind. she went inside the car and waited. She sleep. As she wake up, she saw a key and wonder what it was for so she put it in,she became dizzy.

Hey, hey, hey wake-up " said a new voice. Jaemi wake up and as she open her eyes, everything was different, like in the historical time. " you're..."begin Jaemi. "my name is Yi Seong-gye " replied the man. Jaemi was laughing as if it was a joke but suddenly stop as she saw all of them wear a historical cloths. She went out-side and they were right. She's trap in a historical time period between the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty.

After a month or so Yi Seong-gye fall in love with Kim Jaemi. " Offcial it's time to go to battle " said one of his officer. Yi Seong-gye nodded and went to Jaemi to tell her that he love her but she was nowhere so he just went to the battle while Jaemi silently wept in her room, she too fall in love with Yi Seong-gye. As she run outside and tried to tell him, he was already gone.

After 3 years, Yi Seong-gye return home as a king. Jaemin silently came out of her room and watch him. " who do you love? " ask one of his officer. smiling he answer, " I Love Kim Jaemi " he replied. Jaemi was shock but happy also but her happiness doesn't last long as she saw someone trying to kill him. She run to protect him but she was too late. He's gone and She's slowly waking up.

He's gone and She's slowly waking up. She open her eyes with a tears. " W-was this all a dream? " she ask without wiping her tears. Then she saw a white paper that said, " You're going to come back after three years." She knew it was just a dream but she felt like everything was real. " Wh-Why why? why did you leave without hearing that i love you too " She said with tears. As she cry, she heard a footstep.

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