Lights. Camera. Action
Lights. Camera. Action youtube stories
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remibee The cozy corner of the internet :)
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A little poem about being a YouTuber and the hardships, as well as the fire behind the passion.

Lights. Camera. Action

Ding, buzz, it gets your attention.

Get caught, get a detention.

Thumbs up, thumbs down, not to mention: Comments with no hate prevention.

Your esteem goes down, your content, too. Say good bye to your views.

A dream job for the ignorant.

Safe, behind the screen. Never watched, never seen. Ballooning with their jealousy.

Wanna switch places?

Wanna switch places? I be you and you be me?

Just don't read between the spaces; they're things you can't unsee.

They won't bless you with their graces; they just want to be mean.

But look at the likes, your name in lights.

The silver plaque, don't turn your back because this is your passion.

Lights. Camera. Action.

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