A.M daydream stories
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reinevarda Community member
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When you're wide awake at 2 in the morning thinking about a person you can never have.


by reinevarda

You're my past-midnight thoughts, and my evening daydreams.

The one that never stops running,

flowing freely just like a stream.

Your presence lingered in my head,

like a new perfume on my jacket.

Don't you know I'm missing you?

I'm just laying here, hoping you'd miss me too.

I lied, saying "I never cared for words of affirmation"

when all I ever wanted was for you to start a conversation.

How stupid of me,

thinking I'm the only star in your universe

Oh, that's such a shame.

Because for me, you'll always be my favorite verse.

Perhaps, I should just close my eyes forever.

So I could hold you, without leaving the morning after.

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