Nightmare fueled dreams
Nightmare fueled dreams  cancer stories

reinahelenemora Cancer surviver, abuse surviver
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Short poems about night terrors I've had

Nightmare fueled dreams

It is true what I see in my nightmare fueled dreams are tragic memories, that I'd like to keep between you and me and forever in my haunted dreams.

Overly saturated white lights, nurse's smiling maniacly, consistent beeping the sound of my heartbeats, holding me down forcefully I wake up in a cold sweat paniced with a heavy breath,

the feeling of the poison they force fed me, the sickening feeling of chemotherapy.

Nurses hold me down I scream and yell but no sounds comes out I'm scared of what they'll do BAM!

I wake up out of the blue, drenched in sweat painced and destressed all I hear are my heavy breaths, hearts now pownding in my ear.

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