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A letter to my friends and my "friends"

By: Me

Dear friends

by Me

Hey friends of mine and no longer friends of mine.

Thank you to those who stuck it out with me who stayed my friend though the thick and thin who choose to keep riding the crazy train known as my life,

you mean alot to me there are no words to describe how thankful I am.

Yes I know saying that is a cliche but its honestly true I wish I could afford to buy one thing you want because you deserve it,

you truely do I know I'm alot to handle and I don't see you as often as I should but know that I think about you guys alot.

To those friends that I made quickly or I decided to no longer be friends with your toxic ass goodbye,

oh you expected more than that well you deserve more than that what you really deserve is a fucking wake up call,

a reality check you screw me over said you were my "friend" fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me so I'm not taking that risk.

I'm no longer your friend get on with your life you made your choice to longer be my friend, I literally did nothing to deserve to just be unfriended with no explanation no reasoning,

you block me and don't give me a chance to explain whatever happened when I don't know what I did wrong and you just ignore me.

Well I'm sorry but I'm not wasting my time with you and what ever problem you have so goodbye forever.

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