Sept 1 2018
Sept 1 2018 sad stories

reia Overcomplicating matters cuz y not
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Hope is my friend. Hope is my enemy.

Sept 1 2018

For what reason am I an outcast? To wander so often alone And reminisce about the past As the shrill silence breaks my tone

To think: sun is family To think: moon is friend To think: we would all be kind and lovely But such foolish dreams are inevitable to end

The whispers that stalk me And the shadows that lurk They all come from the epitome Which I've tripped and fallen so deep in the dark

But hopes and wishes are us So we reach out for a grasp Only to be seen as a fuss For having to take a gasp

If solitude was peace Then peace now crushes my chest hollow Anonymously as if to tease And further empty empty myself solo

The incessant fall Leaves lies on smiles as I mope But foolish is all For I still kneel before hope

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