Lost Love

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rei_st On a permanent break..
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Everybody deals with failed love in its own way.. (Don't know why I wrote this, but.. well let's see..)

Lost Love

While waiting for your call, I was listening to news

News: There's a murderer in town, who has already killed 5 people in the last two months..

News: There are still no leads..

News: Don't go by yourself at night. If you see someone suspicious, please report to the police..

(knock at the door) I didn't expect anyone.

I approached slowly.

(sigh of relief) It's just the courier. 'Miss.. please sign..'

It was a letter

It was a letter From you..

I opened it

And I found myself crying on my knees..

It was a blank white sheet of paper.

No words..

Both of us knew what it meant.. It was over. So 'I didn't talk to you anymore..'

Not until the end

Until the death

Your death darling..

When I asked 'You won't judge me, right? It's you who wanted to break up'.

My sweet lost love..

My sweet lost love.. number 6

News: The sixth victim was found near the... (switching the program)

I guess I should find a new boyfriend.. Lucky number seven. Maybe this time. .

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