Last memory of you
Last memory of you  sink stories

rei_st On a permanent break..
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It's always hard when you lose someone.. I suppose, nobody likes sad stories, but there's no one who didn't encounter any..

Last memory of you

I sink into the ocean of despair.

Where of the time I'm not aware.

You disappeared without trace.

But memories can't be erased.

I lost what it takes to smile.

All my life has a different profile.

The colors seem bleak, patterns out of shape.

As if my eyes are covered with tape.

They ask if I'm fine,

I say I'm alright.

I say I'm alright. Sketching on face a hideous smile.

Well.. They know I'm lying.

Cause the look in my eyes..

Cause the look in my eyes.. Says..

I've already died, With him in my mind..

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