In search for myself
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rei_st On a permanent break..
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Lost in a dream, found in your arms.. (It's a bit different from usual and longer, but I hope you'll enjoy it)

In search for myself

Lost in the thoughts

My legs are taking me to the unknown places.

But why do they seem familiar somehow?

It's a path deeper into the woods.

I see the sight of a cafe,

Wondering and letting my heart take the lead

There's no one to be seen inside, but it says 'Open'

I enter, take a sit.

The waiter brings me a cup of latte and a piece of cake.

I say 'I haven't ordered anything yet'.

He just smiles, and disappears around the corned.

I hesitantly take a bite of my cake..

'Mmm.. yummy. This one is definitely gonna be on top of my list.'

I just noticed.. On the wall there are photos of couples,

Brushing my fingers through them I stop in a surprise..

The girl in one of them looks exactly like me.

'No.. that's actually me'.

I ask myself 'What's that? How can this be? And this man with me.. Why don't I remember anything?'

My head starts hurting.

I fall on my knees e i g t m l r b n and c r y i n g with pain..

Waiter approaches one more time, holding out his hand and saying..

'You finally found your way here Will you take my hand, Or be lost again?'

That's when I notice, he was the one with me in the photo..

My head started to hurt even more..

'If you can end this pain and tell me who I am..'

He smiled and pulled me up in an embrace..

I wake up in bed.. It takes a while until my eyes adapt to the surroundings..

I realize I'm in a hospital, I try to speak, but nothing comes out of my mouth..

I hear someone talking behind the door..

'Sir, you can't go without an appointment.. the patient is still in a coma' said the nurse alarmed..

Somehow he passed through the door, and looked me in the eyes with the same smile from the dream..

'My goodness!' Nurse exclaimed.

'I'm glad you came to my call, I won't let you go that easily..'

I didn't remember well what happened,

I didn't remember well what happened, but I was sure, he was the reason I woke up.

And with him by my side, it will all be fine.

I won't get lost, Not anymore..

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