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What's left after the waves of time wash away the traces of our existence?

Gone into the forest

Once a great civilization

Now it's just r u i n s

I'm the l a s t survivor

H i d i n g into the depths of the f o r e s t

H i d i n g into the depths of the f o r e s t We o n c e used to own.

I'm part of the wildness now.

T h o s e w h o banished us from o u r l a n d s.

Will eventually f a c e the same f a t e.

I decided to walk out of the woods.

To see the sky,

To see the sky, whose color I can't remember.

Once I made a step out

They looked at me as if I'm a monster.

An arrow flies Two Three

P i e r c i n g ruthless my body.

I'm reaching for the sky

With the wings that forgot the smell of the wind

Touching the clouds with my feathers.

Before falling on the cold ground.

The forest extends it's branches

Taking my half dead body into the depths a g a i n.

Lying on a stone, the grass starts rising,

Wrapping me in its embrace.

My home My freedom Even my life.

They took e v e r y t h i n g

But the sky is still beautiful. (as in the old times)

I close my eyes

The f o r e s t is weeping

And I'm a part of it now.

Author's Note: I couldn't write anything lately, and the pictures from this post seemed to write their own story, so I tried to see what comes out of it. Thanks for reading till this moment :)

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