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My entry for hayha's Writing Prompt #1 challenge.

A bet with Life

Feeling dizzy, as if under spell.

Crooked mind,

Criminal flavor on my lips.

The fire that dwells within my heart

One day, Will swallow me whole.

I made a bet with Life,

He gave me the passion and strength to go on,

For the price of always being alone.

It was an easy choice to make.

Or so I thought, until one day.

I met Him.

He seemed rather naive.

Or was it me, who was fully deceived?

I lost my composure, I said just 'my friend'

And it was enough, for the tale to end.

The ground is shaking

My body is aching

The rocks start to tremble

The lies to unravel.

He grins saying 'You lost'.

And that's when the line is crossed.

That's the moment I realize it was Life himself.

I'd say it's not fair, But it(life) never was.

And I got defeated.. the moment I made the deal.

With a devil in disguise,

L i f e

But still, I got to see the other side of the world.

Even if now.. I'm just dust on its surface.

Thanks for reading:) (Art by fongshader & Theme Finland)

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