The Tortoise Shell Comb and The Hair
The Tortoise Shell Comb and The Hair comb stories

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An attempt for today's story challenge.

The Tortoise Shell Comb and The Hair

Jamie was no ordinary third grader. She loved to wear polkadot dresses, she had fourteen pairs of shoes in her closet, and she could sing better than anyone in the school choir.

Now Jamie didn't mind the freckles that were sprinkled all over her face, that was okay, but her hair was a different story indeed!

Jamie had wild hair!

It was red and bushy and so tangled that Jamie couldn't even run her fingers through it.

No matter what she did, she could not get her hair to relax.

People said Jamie's hair had a mind of it's own.

"I have broken many a comb," thought Jamie's hair. "She has tried everything, but nothing can tame me. I'm the wildest hair around and no comb will ever settle me down."

It was true, Jamie had tried everything; conditioners, detanglers, brushes, and every style of comb you can imagine. It seemed hopeless. That hair was thick and quick and would always win.

One day Jamie's grandmother came to visit. She brought Jamie a lovely package wrapped up in pink ribbon.

Of course, Jamie hoped it was another pair of shoes, but when she opened it she saw it was a beautiful tortoise-shell comb with gold trim. She was delighted!

She took it straight to her dresser mirror and decided to comb her hair. "Oh, why waste your time?" the hair said. "Many combs have tried racing through me and I always come out on top."

"I'm in no hurry," said the comb with a lazy voice. "I just take my time. I'm as slow as a turtle."

Well, that comb was right, because Jamie looked at it and thought of all her other combs that were broken, bent and just plain useless. "I do not want to lose this comb," thought Jamie.

"I'm going to take my time and go slow so it won't break".

And that is just what Jamie did.

She started at the top of her head and pulled that tortoise-shell comb slowly through her hair.

"Go slow? Take your time? What a joke," said the hair. "You won't get me without a fight."

So Jamie's hair began to snarl and twist and tangle.

But the comb went slowly...veeeeery slowly.

Then Jamie's hair tried to wrap himself around the comb and knock out some of its' teeth. But the comb would just back up a little and go slowly...veeeeery slowly.

That hair was so stubborn. It started curling and braiding and knotting. But the comb went slowly...veeeeery slowly. After a while, the hair got so tired it decided to lay down and rest.

Now that is just what the comb wanted it to do.

By the time the hair got back some of its energy, the tortoise-shell comb had made its way through every single strand.

Now Jamie's hair is silky and smooth and no longer has a mind of its own.

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