On the 12th day
On the 12th day secretcomma stories

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@shinelikestars1 - I'm your secret comma. Hope you like it!

On the 12th day

by reederhfly

Day 1 - Unlike a partridge in a pear tree...

Something's missing from the book Hailee's been writing. Friendship, merriment and most especially romance. If only she could get this 12 days of christmas song out of her head and focus.

Day 2 - If only they could be two turtle doves...

The guy with the special smile that reminds her of the ocean has clouded her mind with thoughts of sky and sea.

Day 3 - They used to be like three french hens...

Hailee, the baby chick, her mother the hen, and her father the rooster. A shame they won't be spending christmas as one family any longer.

Day 4 - Like four calling birds...

She's being pulled in 4 different directions by the plans for the holiday show, her book demanding attention, her crush demanding to be looked at, and her parents asking for some quality time.

Day 5- Five Golden Rings

Being one of the writers of the upcoming play, Hailee has been entrusted with five emotions she must keep safe until after the show: excitement, nervousness, determination, drive and anxiety.

Day 6 - Six geese a-laying

With only a few more days to go, she has to be extra alert as things seem to be going wrong every second like eggs from geese a-laying.

Day 7 - Seven swans a-swimming

Talking about swimming, Hailee has to make sure that the temperature in the makeshift pond is just right if the swans are to survive till the end of the show.

Day 8- Like eight maids a-milking...

Hailee carries the responsibility of bringing out the best in her team of performers, while trying to not lose sight of her goal of finding the missing piece that will complete her book.

Day 9- Nine ladies dancing...

Like the expert ballerinas that they were, all the females of the team held their poise, while Hailee held her breath and hoped she'd go through her closing remarks without stumbling.

Day 10- With ten lords a-leaping...

Each ballerina had her mate, though the tenth male didn't have a dance partner. What a surprise when he leaned over and pulled Hailee onto the stage to the applause and cheer of the crowd.

Day 11- Like eleven pipers piping...

Just leave it to the twelfth graders to make it a thing. Now everyone's talking about how the show was not only a success but how Hailee had also found herself a wonderful catch, Ocean smile guy

Day 12- Twelve drummers drumming...

Is what the pounding in Hailee's chest feels like. With the last few days winded up, she's ready to relax, finish her book, explore the chances of a lasting relationship and enjoy christmas.

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