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by reederhfly

I'm scared. I'm afraid. I'm terrified...

...Of growing up. Of being responsible. Of having shortcomings. Of failing. Of not being enough. Of being uncertain of the future.

I'm scared. I'm stuck. I'm paralyzed...

...Looking at the world through frozen eyes. Living by a racing heart. Not wanting to be here yet not knowing where to be. Or if I can be anywhere else.

I'm afraid. I'm dispirited. I'm apprehensive...

Glimpsing what I want to be. Knowing the path is long and bumpy. Burdening my feet to a life of drudgery. Exalting my hands to memorize the map. Yet failing to convince my mind to make the move.

I'm terrified. I'm daunted. I'm pulled out of my reverie...

...He takes my hand and calms my soul. We take the first step together. Walking till it's all we know. Striving till the light fades away.

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