Love, Life and Rainbows
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redthegreat1 Community member
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Love, Life and Rainbows

by redthegreat1

Back in the days, We used to talk, Of love, life and rainbows.

Now in the drawn of the city, I look back to those days, Where everything was perfect.

Where all the stars shined, And happiness was In the blink of our eyes,

Where we would dream Of our perfect marriage, And sing around

Now that we grew up, We hope we never knew, The pain of love, life and rainbows.

The love that broke us, The life that tore us, And the rainbows that blind us.

But soon we'll know, With pain it brings, The greatest happiness.

The love that connects our own, The life that makes us strong, And the rainbows that guides our way.

So for now we'll complain, But tomorrow we'll see, The gift of love, life and rainbows.

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