Toxin ~ Part One
Toxin ~ Part One toxic stories

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Hope this is what you all hoped for! Keep on your claws for Part Two!

Toxin ~ Part One

"I've always felt like I wasn't meant to lead a boring life..."

"No regular schoolyard bullies, stressing over homework, or peers pressuring me into taking a hit from their vapes."

"But, that was the life I had, at least up until the takeover."

"As the Universal Military descended onto the earth, I felt different."

"I felt- useful"

"When my powers started showing- I was scared"

"I wasn't the only one to receive powers, but mine are the most useful."

"Maybe I should stop monologing."

The light flickers on, as if it had been blocked out by something, revealing a pale woman with almost glowing yellow eyes and sleek pixie-cut black hair, and a tied up scruffy man with mousey brown hair and green eyes.

"What do you want from me?" The man says in a shaking voice, watching the woman twirl a dagger between her first finger and thumb.

"What do I want? Oh that's simple," The woman said gently, "I want you to tell me what you know about the Universal Military and it's associates." She held the knife to the man's throat.

The man winced, "I don't know what you mean."

"Oh, but you do." The woman said, bringing her dagger up swiftly, causing the man to flinch.

"Really, I don't know anything!" The man said frantically, his eyes darting around the room, looking for something he could use to his advantage.

"Don't patronize me." The woman said, coming up behind him and holding the tip of her dagger to his throat.

The man's eyes widened, "The U.M. is being controlled by an anonymous individual who refers to himself as 'The Overlord' he's never shown his face or used his real voice when speaking to workers like me, but I know that national leaders, like the U.S. prez and Britain's Queen have had in-person contact with him!" He said frantically.

"Good, good," The woman said, lowering the dagger, "and his plans?"

The man relaxed slightly, "I have no information on his plans, he keeps them a secret between him and the higher-ups."

"Thank you, -?" The woman said, picking up a badge from on a nearby table, "Mr. Harvey."

Harvey smiled, a single tear falling down his cheek, "Can you please let me go now?"

"Oh, no darling, I *know* you know who I am, I have to kill you." The woman said, twitching as she stalked towards Harvey.

"No- wait, I have a wife, and kids!" Harvey yelped, struggling to loosen the ropes that were binding him.

"I know very well that you have a wife and kids Mr. Harvey, and I think they all will be grateful to be rid of abusive filth such as you." The woman said raising the knife to his throat.

The woman made a deep gash through Harvey's throat, muttering about his crimes against his family while watching the life drain out of his eyes, and the blood drip down his neck and seep into his shirt.

"You see, my powers are simple,"

"Not useful to the U.M.,"

"And deadly."

The woman frowned at Harvey as his last words escaped his blood-filled mouth.

"Damn you Virus."

Besides knowing that the man in front of her was dead, Virus kept speaking.

"They may not be useful to the U.M., who want's to keep human's alive, but they're useful to me."

"You see, I kept the name Virus, because I infect the air I breathe with a deadly toxin, if you had been in this room long enough, it would have killed you anyway."

"Not only that, but I can concentrate the infected air to only affect my target when I want to."

"Nonetheless, I'll never breathe harmless air again."

"But I do prevent the spread of my virus by wearing a gas mask, much like those who inherited powers that cause common gasses to be deadly for them."

"Thankfully, my mission involves plenty of killing, so my powers won't be a drawback, instead, they are an advantage."

Virus smiled, picking up a gas mask from on the table and sliding it over her nose and mouth.

Virus wasn't her real name, it was- like a villain or superhero name to her, maybe even a vigilante name, although, she couldn't be a vigilante because she was working against the authorities instead of doing their jobs for them, but she was doing what they should have been doing in all the years since the U.M. first took over.

Virus's real name was Artura Wells IV, she hated her family name, and as a kid often went by the nicknames Art, Arty, or her now chosen name, Virus.

Virus was a name that surfaced after Artura caught, spread, and quickly became immune to a Virus known as the Anoroc Virus, a virus that quickly sent the world into panic-mode in the late 10's and early 20's.

Artura became hated because of those events, nonetheless, she grew attached to the nickname 'Virus' and that was who she was now.

Virus, the only human she knew of who was actively working to stop the U.M.

Virus realized that she was staring at Harvey's dead body, and quickly cleaned and sheathed her dagger, striding then up the stairs to her left and out the door of the old abandoned building she had been in.

Yes, so cliché, Virus had taken her victim to the basement of an abandoned building.

She didn't care how cliché it was, it worked, and Virus didn't leave a single clue for the police to follow.

Well, that's the end, isn't it? Although, it may only be the beginning, who knows, really.

Artura 'Virus' Wells 20 y/o Likes: Ozzie, cheesecake, pineapple on pizza, gory animes. Dislikes: Little bitches, cake (cheesecake is a tart, so don't), spiders, the color pink.

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