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red_psychopath_ Girl or no beenies? I DON'T KNOW! (Help)
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Answers to your questions!

My Answers


Yo. Here are my answers to your questions on my last post!

Note from not Kagami: Kagami's world is an AU of MHA in which the current time is wherever I am at watching MHA, which is just after S1, E11, she is in class 1-A, and came from the same Junior High as Todoroki.

@kacchan_lover asked;

@kacchan_lover asked; "Who's ur fav kid in room 1a?"

It would have to be a tie between...


and Todoroki...

But if I had to choose...

It'd be Todoroki.

"Why me?"

I've known you the longer than anyone else in 1-A, and I know that behind those ice-cold and fiery-hot walls of yours, you are a boy who really just needs a hug and some real friends.

"Why do you insist on talking about me like that?"

Because I know it's true.

@autumn_leaves asked;

@autumn_leaves asked; "Wait a minute... are you going to continue Lingering Echo?"

Yes, I'm still doing Lingering Echo, but right now I'm recovering from my whole emotional fiasco, and won't start writing the next part of it until next week.

I'm doing the same for Hellbound, I'm not gonna start to write it 'till next week.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading! - Kagami✨

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