Lingering Echo; Part Three
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New Feathered Fiends!

Lingering Echo; Part Three

The small Seawing landed roughly, panting as if she had just flown miles, though she had only been gone about an hour.

"Anemone!" Echo exclaimed, running to his clearly injured sister.

Anemone had a gash the length of a small dagger on her cheek, and one of her wings had obviously been slashed, not enough to keep her from flying, but enough to make it harder.

"T-they, had feathers!" Anemone panted out, heaving.

"We thought so." Lotus told her, holding up the large feather.

"What did they look like?" Star asked Anemone, suddenly making a face as if she knew the answer already.

"They were vibrantly blue, and had scales, but also feathers!" Anemone told them, catching her breath, "and they almost constantly shivered, as if they were used to being somewhere tropical."

All heads turned to Mistral, who shivered, "D-don't look at m like that! I don't have any feathers!" She defended herself.

Echo jumped up to stand in front of her, "She's clearly an Icewing, weather she be part Skywing or Sandwing or Mudwing or simply just different, she would never be a spy." He said firmly, putting emphasis on 'never'.

Mistral gave him a warm smile, (ironically), that to Echo screamed 'Thank you!' and made him want to melt into a puddle then and there.

Fate and Star smirked at him, and braced to start flying, "Let's go," Fate said, lifting off alongside Star, "those kidnappers must not be too far away, and if anything, they're on their way either back here, or towards wherever they live."

They all lifted off, save for Anemone, who started carefully climbing back down the mountain to the torn window into the library.

"I'll tell everyone where you're going." She called out as they all flew off, towards the direction she came from, Star leading the way.

Echo wasn't too sure about the whole being part of a prophecy thing, it felt as if he had only just arrived at Jade mountain, and now he was going off on some huge quest, exactly like the Jade Winglet had.

He wondered how his brother, Turtle was holding up on that exact quest, Turtle had always been timid, preferring to hang around in the background, not exactly the questing type...

He wished that this would all just go away, he was much like Turtle, minus the timid part, and he would rather be sitting in class right now.

"There." Whispered Star, pointing at two dark shapes ahead of them, two dragons, that obviously weren't any of the tribes they knew.

Lotus vanished, and soon cries could be heard from the two dragons ahead of them, and they seemed to be being dragged downward.

Echo led the others down towards to spot the two odd dragons had landed, seeing that one was pinned down and the other was cowering with her back against a boulder.

Fate and Star looked the most intimidating, landing gracefully and standing tall despite being quite short. The two dragons that Lotus had 'captured' were significantly smaller than a normally sized adult dragon, though they looked to be built like adults.

Lotus appeared, her claws around the pinned dragon's neck. Despite her usually peppy nature, she was quite menacing, for a Rainwing at least, Echo, thought striding to the female, and glaring at her, presenting himself regally, as he should being a prince.

"What is your business trying to kidnap the Seawing princess." Fate said menacingly, which would have obviously been harder if the two dragons had been any bigger, but the dragons were roughly the same size as the Nightwing dragonet.

"P-princess?!" The pinned dragon stuttered, "We didn't realize she w-was that important!"

Echo stood taller, firmly saying, "You didn't answer her question, why did you take my sister?"

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