Lingering Echo; Part Four
Lingering Echo; Part Four wof stories
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Lingering Echo; Part Four

"Y-your sister?!" The free dragon said, her voice more music-like than a normal dragon's voice.

"We needed an animus!" The pinned dragon suddenly yelled, struggling to push Lotus off himself.

Mistral sighed, shivering, "Lotus you can get off of him, even if they tried to get away, they couldn't really, we have Star, a half Skywing, remember?"

"That's true!" Lotus said, cheerfully hopping off of the slightly bigger blue dragon.

"What do you need an animus for?" Fate asked the pair, relaxing only in the slightest.

The female began to speak, but the male quickly forced her jaw shut, "Why do you need to know?"

"Because you kidnapped a Seawing princess." Osiris said firmly, his barbed tail twitching upward at the sudden confidence in the new dragon.

The female glared at the other dragon, quickly pushing his claws off of her snout and ducking behind Fatecaller, "Our tribe has been having some troubles related to where we live, and our last animus ran away about five years ago."

"Raven!" The male shouted at her, irritated.

"Falcon," Raven responded dully, "If we want forgiveness we shouldn't be violent, or hide anything that would affect them."

Falcon sighs, "I guess you're right..."

Echo thinks for a minute, "What if we came to your kingdom, and observed whatever it is that is affecting the land you live on, then we can come back and inform our queens, and they could try to help if they believe your problem is one worth solving?"

Raven and Falcon glanced at each other, "That sounds like it may work." Falcon says hesitantly.

"L-let's go then." Mistral said, determined.

The eight dragons all took off, the dragonets following the new dragons to their kingdom.

Was this all really happening, or was this some super realistic dream? Echo thought. Could Mistral really be part, well, whatever these dragons are?

"If you don't mind me asking, what does your tribe call yourselves?" Osiris asked Raven and Falcon.

"We're Jaywings, y'know, cause we resemble Blue Jays." Raven answered.

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