Lingering Echo; Part Five
Lingering Echo; Part Five wof stories

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Raven and Falcon seem accepting, but what may be their true intentions?

Lingering Echo; Part Five

"Jaywings..." Fate mumbled, suddenly stopping to hover in midair.

"W-what's wrong F-Fate?" Mistral said, flying over to the Nightwing.

"I don't think it's a good idea to follow those dragons back." Fate said, glaring at the Jaywing pair.

Raven and Falcon looked at each other as if their food had just scampered off of their plates and been eaten by another dragon.

"Guys, we have to go, now!" Star shouted suddenly, turning back in the direction of Jade mountain and flying as fast as she could go, the rest of the Topaz Winglet following suite.

Echo heard the Jaywings say something, and suddenly they were bigger than any fully grown dragon he had ever seen. Could they be, animus dragons? He thought.

The giant Jaywings smacked the Topaz winglet out of the sky, quickly disarming Fate, Star, Osiris, and Mistral.

Echo felt a sudden rush of anger when Mistral was hit, and he charged towards the giant dragons, only to be hit by Raven and knocked out.

Echo is shaken suddenly awake, and he could feel the cold stone floor underneath him, causing him to wake up even more.

"Where are we?" He asks drowsily, standing up slowly, his body aching from being hit.

"I-in a d-dungeon s-somewhere near t-the Claws o-of C-clouds mountains." Mistral answered, she was standing fairly close to Fate and Star, who seemed to be attempting to light a pile of dead foliage on fire.

Echo then realized how cold it was, he shivered slightly, inching a little closer to the now lit pile of dead leaves and sticks.

"I see that the last of you has finally awoken." Called a voice from the other side of the columns of metal bars trapping the Winglet in.

A regal-looking Jaywing stood there, holding her head high while her blue, black, and white feathers shivering after she spoke, indicating that she too was cold, but was obviously hiding it.

"What is your business stealing our animus?" She began, "Why take a dragonet away from the dragons who are rescuing her?

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