Hellbound | Chapter Two | Cabins
Hellbound | Chapter Two | Cabins demons stories

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Cyrus, Olivia, And Tyler quickly become friends, but who else will become friendly with them?

Hellbound | Chapter Two | Cabins

Warnings: Disturbing and gory images. Speak of demonic and ruthless creatures.

"After you eat your lunch, you will all be assigned cabins separated by your gender." The formally dressed man, Mr. Annet, finished his orientation speech, stepping away from his podium and sitting at a table full of cabin leaders and counselors.

An elderly woman wearing a hair net and a tattered white apron came around and set trays of food in front of each young musician and camp staff member, lastly taking one for herself and sitting at the last empty seat at the staff table.

Tyler turned to Olivia and Cyrus, "What do you guys play, I'm mainly on drums, but I want to get better on guitar, and eventually have it be my main instrument."

"I mostly play drums, but I can do keyboard, or piano as well." Olivia answered, turning to Cyrus quickly.

"I mainly did lead guitar and vocals for my school band, but we broke up when our only drummer was suspended..." Cyrus responded.

"Both were lead?!" Olivia asked, wide-eyed.

"Yea, I can do backing vocals and guitar too, I'm just better when I'm the one being backed..." She said, blowing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes.

"You sung while playing?" Tyler asked.

"Yea" Cyrus nodded, looking down at her food, a sun butter sandwich and a small bag of whole wheat Doritos.

"That's some talent then, can't wait to see you both perform." Tyler said, smirking.

They ate quickly, Olivia nearly gagging after taking a bite of her sun butter sandwich, which was split between Cyrus and Tyler in trade for some of their chips.

After it was clear that everyone in the hall had finished eating, Mr. Annet stood again, "In the center of each table is a number between one and six, these are your cabin numbers," He began, then gesturing to the younger members of the camp staff, "These are the Cabin Leaders, they will come to every table bearing the number of the cabin they're working with, and collect you."

The youngest looking of the group made her way around, eventually gathering a group of seven young musicians before stopping at Cyrus, Olivia, and Tyler's table.

"I'm Vivie, and I'll be the Cabin Three leader for the summer." She said, gesturing at the giant three on the center of the table.

Cyrus looked at all the kids who were supposedly in her cabin, but one stuck out to her like a peacock in the savanna.

A short, pale, redheaded girl, wearing a plain white button up shirt and black slacks.

around her neck was a necklace made of twine, with what looked like a small bird skull as a charm.

As Cyrus was about to look away, the girl flickered between human, and a tall, starved looking humanoid that was wearing- no, had a deer skull for a head.

Demons can be found anywhere, under your bed, in your closet, in the woods, even disguised as animals or humans, it is best to know all you can about them to know what you may encounter in life.

The Jersey Devil __________________________________ An Eastern-American Creature

The Jersey Devil, also known as the Leeds Devil, was one of the earliest sighted Demons in America, it is said that this of eastern America was the cursed thirteenth child of Mother Leeds, a witch. The Dover Demon appears as a not-quite-reptilian not-quite-mammal creature, with the head of a donkey, the wings of a bat and a forked tail.

This demon can breathe fire, and has the ability to poison water with it's breath, a very dangerous Demon.

Chupacabras __________________________________ Canine and Reptilian Demons

Chupacabras are diverse creatures, some being canine-like, some being more reptilian, but one thing is common between all of them, they all feast on the blood of livestock. Chupacabras are more often found in Latin America, but they have been sighted across the world.

Chupacabras act tame towards humans and canines, and might even choose to instead protect certain humans from danger, more of a good omen for humans and a bad one for livestock.

Kelpies __________________________________ Killers of the UK

Kelpies, although usually residing at the shores of Britain and Ireland, will appear on any coast or shore. Their skin is sticky, and will attach itself to any living thing that touches it, drowning humans being their favorite pastime. Kelpies appear as large black horses with backwards hooves.

If you ever encounter a kelpie, resist all of your urges of petting or riding it, if you don't, you will die a watery death.

There are many more Demons in this world, and in others, and some have yet to be discovered.

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