Castle Cats; The Spell
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Nostalgia trip for me...

Castle Cats; The Spell

"I had always felt I had more to do in life than sit around in a small cottage, waiting for a family to take me as one of their own.

I was not adopted in my younger years, but I had been inspired by the witch Morrigan, and that motivated me to work hard for a scholarship to the best school for young mages around,

Morrigan Castle. The elderly cat Morrigan is a witch, tied for most powerful mage with wizard, warlock, and sorceress.

I'm Zephyr, a leopard, once a common cat.

I specialize in wind, moon, and sea magic, and run a cat guild, but before I tell you how I became a guild leader,

I must tell you how I learned that there is no point in waiting for a family to pick you, but you need to pick your family."

I was a young cat, no younger than 13 years old, when I first stepped into that magnificent castle, Morrigan herself was kindly waiting for each young cat to step within the front gate.

I had never known family, but this castle would be my first true home for years to come.

"Well, hello young mage." Morrigan said to me, her yellowish green eyes glowing under her patched purple witches' hat, her green striped scarf swaying in the wind of an oncoming thunderstorm.

"Hello" I had greeted her shyly,

knowing that in front of me was the very witch who had helped the warlock Murrlin and the witch Sabrina catch the spirit guide Adriel's shadow many years ago at an old guild.

"Now, don't be like that, no mage is truly shy or afraid, the greatest thing to fear is fear itself." Morrigan told me, "What is your name young one?" she asked.

"Purrcilla." Said an enthusiastic voice behind me, I turned around to see a young calico cat, my age, with shocking purple eyes and a dark purple cloak smiling behind me.

"Uh, hello" I said to her eyeing the small box of potions equipment sitting at her feet.

"What's your name?" Purrcilla asked me. I looked at Morrigan and back at Purrcilla.

"I'm Zephyr" I told them both, just as another young cat called to Purrcilla from a few yards away, huffing at his own effort to get here.

"Purrcilla? How did you get here so quickly?" Said the mage, he was an orange long haired tabby, with dark brown eyes and a cyan cloak. He noticed Morrigan and I.

"Oh, Hello." He said staring at me in particular.

"Hi." I said, returning his stare. Suddenly Purrcilla let out a nervous giggle, which startled the other cat and I. Morrigan had already walked up to the steps of the castle.

"Mages!" She called to us. We made our way to the front steps.

"Francis, this is Zephyr." Purrcilla told the other cat, "Zephyr, this is Francis."

"Hello, again." Francis said cautiously, I could tell he was reluctant to make new friends, not to say even friendly acquaintances.

"Hi." I said shortly before Morrigan began again.

"These are your fellow first years, Conan and Catniss" She said, gesturing with her paw at two cats, also my age.

The cat on the right looked like a tabby, he was brown with black stripes and green eyes, but instead of a cloak like Purrcilla and Francis, he was wearing knights' armor,

and carrying a sword and shield. The cat on the left was pearly white with sky-blue eyes, and she was wearing a green archers' cloak and carrying a bow and arrows.

"You will have most of your classes with them, simple spells, wielding your weapon, and Guilds of the past." She said.

"There are only five first years?" Catniss asked.

"No," Morrigan replied, "there are many, many more first years, but you all seem to generate auras that prove you more worthy than most, so you are here first."

"Better to know that we are not the only ones." Conan said, Catniss nodded in agreement.

"Why, Morrigan, I see you found our students." A voice came from the hall opposite from where we had come from.

I looked behind Conan and Catniss to see two more cats, one jet black, with Grey horns, bat wings, and orange eyes, the other light orange, with pumpkin colored stripes and bright green eyes.

"Cole, Marmalade!" Morrigan said surprised, when she saw them her face lit up. They walked into the room, each stopping on either side of Morrigan.

"We have been looking for them." Marmalade said, as I realized something shocking, Marmalade was the same age as Conan, Catniss, Purrcilla, Francis, and I!

"Wait a minute," Catniss said, thinking, "you are our age!" Catniss had realized just as I had.

"True, Marmalade is your age." Cole said, cocking his head, "We were each rescued by Morrigan as kittens."

"Cole had been abandoned by his parents, and Marmalade had been orphaned, and had developed cancer." Morrigan said.

"They may say that black cats are bad luck, but Cole was smart for a six-year-old kitten, and he helped me, a barely blinking, six-week-old kitten with cancer." Marmalade added

"How did he help you?" Purrcilla asked.

"Cole had been good friends with the mage healer Mawizania, and her healing water can heal anything, she may have only begun her quest to spread it recently,

but she was a very strong mage at six years." Morrigan told us, "Now, Cole, Marmalade, would you like to take your students to their dormitories?"

"Yes, come Conan, Catniss." Cole said, as Marmalade turned to us.

"Cole can be less strict if you get to know him better, he just wants to imply that he may be young, but he is still strong." Marmalade whispered, Morrigan laughed.

"Okay Marmalade go catch up to Cole" she told him. I watched as our new friends left down the hall, towards the non-magic portion of the castle. Morrigan turned to Purrcilla, Francis and me.

"I see that all but one of you have cloaks, but none of you have your magical artifact, let's get you down to the artifact room.

" She led us down the hall where we came from, then turned to go downstairs, into the lower floors, below ground.

"I wonder what artifact I'll get." Purrcilla said excitedly.


" Francis responded, but Purrcilla wasn't paying attention anymore, we had entered a large room, filled to the brim with staffs, wands, magical books,

and other unrecognizable objects seemingly filled with powerful magic.

"Woah" I said, causing Purrcilla to jump, I had not spoken since I walked into the castle, so Purrcilla may not have realized I had come with them.

"Francis, you should go first, so that Purrcilla can admire all the magical artifacts a little longer.

" Morrigan said, glancing at Purrcilla, who was clutching her potions equipment and staring into the room, her eyes stopping to admire each and every artifact in the room.

"Ok..." Francis said, walking into the room.

He started to circle along the walls, until an artifact next to him stared to glow a deep blue, he picked up a wooden staff in his paws, then,

in the middle of the partial diamond shape the staff ended in, a sapphire appeared, just floating, it moved with the staff, that was the source if it's power.

"Purrcilla, you're next" Morrigan said, pushing Purrcilla into the room. She did the same thing Francis did, she circled the room until an artifact next to her glowed.

It was a staff, a fork with only two points, It glowed bright purple, and a diamond shaped amethyst crystal appeared in the center of the points.

Purrcilla shivered, feeling the power she held in her paws.

"Now Zephyr." Morrigan said, gesturing to the room. I stepped in, carefully examining each artifact.

I walked around the room, and when I reached the spot directly in front of the doorway Morrigan, Purrcilla, and Francis were standing in,

all the artifacts moved themselves aside to show a door I hadn't seen before, it had recently been covered by artifacts.

"N-no one has moved these artifacts aside, not ever!" she gasped, gesturing for me to go into the room.

I obeyed her and stepped in to see a room full of artifacts, and their auras felt more powerful than the artifacts in the bigger room.

I walked around this room and around halfway around the room, next to me I saw a glow, brighter than Purrcilla and Francis's glows, and it was two colors, bright white, and dark blue,

darker than Francis's blue. When the glowing died down, I saw that the artifact was a black leather kransen, with dark blue bolts.

I put it on and suddenly, I felt a lift, I was floating, but I could see my body standing on the hard wood floor below me.

I watched as my eyes changed color from a sky-blue color to a white that made me look blind, and the white around my eyes turned black.

I sprouted black and blue feathered wings and spots of the same blue appeared on my fur, a pattern similar to a leopard's, my ears changed from triangular to rounded and my body,

as if being controlled by some other means than me stepped out and into the room Morrigan, Purrcilla, and Francis were waiting in.

"Y-you're a Leopard!" I heard Francis exclaim, before I felt a vacuum like sensation that pulled me into my body.

Once back in control of my body, I looked at all of their expressions, Francis was petrified, Purrcilla was amazed, and Morrigan was shocked.

"It glowed." I told them, smiling awkwardly and pointing to my artifact, the kransen, just before I passed out.

Soo... Finding this was a Nostalgia trip for me... This isn't even all of it. I should probably explain.

This was the first chapter of my very first Fanfiction, something I wrote in sixth grade. Yea, it's old. I had lost it until today. So do you guys want more of it?

Comment if you do! - Kagami✨

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