Between Planes | Chapter Six
Between Planes | Chapter Six paranormal stories

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Between Planes | Chapter Six

Art and Kizimo continued to talk, joking around and earning Art some strange looks from passerby.

The pair stayed at the orchard until well after sunset, and when they began the drive back to Art’s house it was pitch black outside.

“So, how was it?” Art asked Kizimo.

“It was amazing!” Kizimo exclaimed, giggling, Art smiled in response.

“Good to hear.” Art responded.

They arrived at Art’s house, and both got out of Art’s car, quickly and quietly entered the house, and snuck into Art’s room.

As they walked past the living room, Art saw their dad passed out on the couch yet again, this time Art didn’t dare touch any of the bottles or trash surrounding their dad, and just navigated through the mess into the hallway.

“Art?” Kizimo asked loudly when she turned into Art’s room.

“What is it?” Art hissed back, quickening his pace.

“There’s someone in your room.” Kizimo said worriedly, backing away from the door.

Art caught up to their ghost friend and looked into their room, immediately tearing up.

Standing over the bed was a peach-skinned woman with medium-length brown hair, she was wearing a gray hoodie and washed-out jeans, the same thing she had been wearing the day she died.

“Mom...?” Art choked out, tears streaming down their face.

“Arty?” The woman tuned to face her child, “You- you can see me?”

“Yes, I- I started seeing ghosts this morning!” Art said, running to hug her.

“Who’s this?” Art’s mother asked, gesturing at Kizimo.

“Another ghost, she died this morning.” Art answered, “Kizimo, this is my mom, Milly.”

“Hello!” Kizimo said joyfully, no longer scared.

Milly’s horns had been quite large, but Art could see that they were shrinking rapidly now.

“Why are your horns shrinking?” Kizimo asked her.

“It- it seems my time has come to finally leave the plane in-between…” Milly said sadly.

“What does that mean?” Art asked her.

“It means that I will no longer be stuck between planes, I’m moving one, I have nothing left to do on your plane.” Milly responded, shedding a single tear, “Goodbye Arty.”

Milly pulled Artemis into one last hug, slowly fading from their plane of existence, her weight lifting and eventually becoming empty air.

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