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red_psychopath_ They/them pronouns please!
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About me!!!

About Pearlkeeper

So I realized that I never did an about me...


So, that's what I'm doing now!

I'm a Nightwing - Seawing hybrid, and because of that, I have less glowing scales and Nightwing - like horns and spikes down my back and tail.

I'm 6, and I fought in the Sandwing War for Succession at four and five, although I never was in a major battle, I was better at spy work, for reasons, most dragons couldn't comprehend.

I can read minds and foresee the future.

Yes, I did believe, and still believe, that Blister was the most, sensible of the royal Sandwing sisters, but in all, Queen Thorn turned out to be better than all three.

I grew up in the Sea kingdom, and went to Jade mountain at the first chance I got.

My mother is a Seawing, which means that my father is a Nightwing, but I never met him, and I don't even know his name...

I think that's it, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!

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