A little note for WOF readers who have read past 'Darkness of Dragons'...
A little note for WOF readers who have read past 'Darkness of Dragons'... lgbtq stories

red_psychopath_ They/them pronouns please!
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SpOiLeR aLeRt! Read if you dare...

A little note for WOF readers who have read past 'Darkness of Dragons'...

This can kind of be counted as a rant, but it is out of passion, happiness, and excitement, not the usual anger, fear, or sadness that is usually behind a rant.

I fracken love Tui T. Sutherland.


1. She made Anemone definitely not straight. Y'all should have figured out that Seawings are one of my to 2 favorite tribes, alongside Nightwings. Anemone is one of my favorite characters, she's like a friggin dolphin, cute, but also really ferice and smart at the same time.


2. She dropped that bomb in a CASUAL conversation between Turtle and Kinkajou! If I were to say to anyone that her/his/their sister was crushing on a girl, and the sis wasn't out, the person wold react according to common beliefs within their family, say thier entire family is made up of straights, they might not take it well.

They might also be a little surprised, and just be like 'Oh, my sis isn't straight? Okay...' But NO Turtle took it as if it was the most common thing for dragons to be in same gender relationships!! When there has been no other dragon in the series that has hinted at not being straight!

I'm not hating on it, I'm literally doing the opposite, I am grateful for Tui wrote it, as if it was the most common thing! It was like finding a very colorful Rainwing in the middle of a group of grumpy Icewings... Doesn't matter what pride color scheme it is, I spotted,



For the record, this post does not mean I discriminate characters/people because they are straight, I've only met (In person) three people besides myself who were/are not straight. (R. I. P. My Uncle Shawn) Also if you haven't caught my drift, I'm Pan, Y'all are the only people I've come out to so far, (I don't think meh dad will take it well...) and a little over a year ago I was convinced that I was straight.

I love everyone equally unless they are against human rights, which is bad. Equality is a huge thing to me, and I believe everyone should be able to decide their religion, their sexuality, and what they identify as. (Gender, not species dumbos, you can't be a wolf if you don't have canine characteristics, such as fur, a tail, a muzzle, and ears on the top of your head. (No hate to furries.)

Okay, I'm gonna quit with this discrimination talk...

Tui T. Sutherland is awesome, Anemone x Tamarin in my OTP right now, have a wonderful day/morning/night/evening.

Note, it's 2:42 AM for me... I am now a creature of the night...

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