an epiphany.
an epiphany. sad stories

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Eve's backstory; the deception that tainted our hearts forever.

an epiphany.

by cia.

Angels spoke to me; I swear they did.

Every day, they waited for me to get up, and just floated on top of me until my eyes sprung open.

An angel once asked me - I swear he did -

"Do you really believe that God's looking over you?" His voice was strong, nothing like I've ever heard before.

An angel once touched me; I swear he did.

"Honey," he paused to smirk with a hint of evilness, but continued with a yet darker expression, "that man's long gone." He got hold of my hand in a brisk motion, frightening me.

An angel once told me that he had been cast out of heaven

only for believing humans were not to be respected. Lucifer, he said he was called.; God's favorite.

An angel once deceived me, I am sad he did.

He promised God wouldn't see me, he promised God wouldn't mind.

An angel once greeted me to eternity.

He sat on his iron, red throne reading the Bible with his typical smug smile. He had succeeded. I had sinned. "Oh, Eve. Welcome home, darling."

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