Discover the booncover. A product from
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This is the unique system of the booncover. English version!

Discover the booncover. A product from

An instruction to the very clever system behind the booncover.

1. Put the boon on the back of your device!

Put one of the featured boon on tha back of your tablet, smartphone or eReader. FYI, the boon works with a vacuum technologie. This means you can remove the boon without any dirt on your device.

2. Link device with the booncover

You can now link your device with the booncover. With the strong velcro fastener on the other side of the boon, you have now a very strong unit.

3. Use it as a stand!

You are now able to use the booncover as a stand to work with your device in a boontastic way.

Every angle is possible.

With another velcro fastener on the booncover you can set up every angle you like.

4. Use it as a wall mount.

With the second boon your are able to use your booncover as a wall mount. Put it on glas, mirrors or even tiling to use your device everywhere.

5. Your device as a navigation system.

You can put the second boon on your dashboard too. It's so simple and useful.

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