My "CLICK" Moment
           My  "CLICK"  Moment

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Ever got into major trouble because of a lie? Here is my story...

My "CLICK" Moment

Have you ever watched "Click" with Adam Sandler?

If not, it's about a man in possession of a "magic" remote that can affect real life the way a TV remote controls a movie on a screen.

Isn't that cool? Being able to alter the present, past and the future by the mere press of a button?

It's sadly impossible, but that does not make it less desirable at all...

I was fifteen-years-old when my worst and most embarrassing "click" moment happened.

It was Friday and I was in Mrs. Myers class.

Now, have you ever had a teacher who seemed to hate you for no reason? Olga Myers was my declared enemy!

Always calling me out for "disturbing the learning of my classmates" or "not paying attention to her important teachings" which, no offense, were very repetitive and boring.

The woman wasn't in her thirties anymore, that was for sure, so I always kept my arguments to myself in a respectful gesture of silence towards the aging lady.

But that Friday all I did was pass my eraser to one of my friends and she exploded on me:

"Again Rebeca?" - My name sounded like a curse in her lips

"How many time do I have to tell you to stop distracting your classmates?!"

- She looked above her thick glasses and continued-

"I'm teaching a new lesson today and your behavior is really annoying me. Could you please sit down now and obey simple instructions?".

I felt so humiliated!

But I wasn't going to give her the pleasure of sending me to the director's office for being disrespectful so,

I sat down, broke my pen and let the ink spill over my hands as an excuse to go to the restroom.

She frowned in annoyance but at least I had her permission to leave her class for a long time, after all, ink doesn't wash easily.

Once in the isolation of the restroom walls, I let out all my anger while washing the blue ink out of my fingers.

Words such as "decrepit woman" and "wrinkled ogre" escaped my mouth in a fit of fury. I was so upset that I failed to see the pair of black, glossy heels behind the stall.

When I did, it was too late and, as a girl left the restroom after a quick check in the mirror,

the principal, Mrs. George, came out of the restroom looking like a furious monkey whose banana had just been stolen.

"Did you hear what she said?" - I lied in panic

"Yes! Where is she?!"- said Mrs. George in clear indignation

"Just left"- I said in hopes of the poor girl to be away from the crime scene I had just made.

Furious heels stomped the floor as my heart raced up my throat. "Please, please, please" I murmured as a prayer.

But then disaster hit:

"How dare you speak of a teacher like that?!"

"But... I didn't..."

"Yes! I heard it all young lady and you are in serious trouble"

"What? Why?"

"Do not take me for a fool Miss Holland" - She leaned over the scared girl with the precision of a snake- "I know what you are playing" -she said in low sharp voice- " and I won't fall for it".

Mrs. George straightened, like a viper, ready to attack - "You better tell the truth now, or"

- She smiled as if talking to a nemesis of old- "I'll call your parents and we can fix this together" - The venom was now out.

My little lie had escalated too quickly for me to process! But I felt terribly guilty for blaming that little girl. So I numbly walked out of the restroom and confessed:

"It was me"

That's when I wished with all my mind, soul and heart I had that remote. If only I could have gone back in time and shut my big mouth...

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