Spread Love (This is My Plea)
Spread Love (This is My Plea) stand up stories

reasonsofbeing To know me, read me (;
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Dear Mama, let me take a stand.

Spread Love (This is My Plea)

by reasonsofbeing

My mother turns her head to the side and whispers words that make me clench my fists: “Please, for the love of god….try and accept this

I understand you don’t like the man, but please be quiet

Whatever you do, don’t try and fight it Understand, please, with the color of our skin It makes us a target, they’ll never let us win

So pretend to like him, don’t say otherwise

It’s the only way they’ll ever let us get by”

I see the fear in her eyes, the love for her daughter

I remind myself to try and be calmer So I say with a heavy heart but no regret in my voice “No. I’m sorry, but this is my choice.

I can sit down and shut up, Ma please understand

But why would I do that, when I could take a stand? I understand how you feel, mama, I’m scared too But there’s something I need to get through to you

I could sit down, shut up, forget my pain

But then the work of our brothers and our sisters would all be in vain Change starts with one, with anger, with what you have to say Women’s March, airports in New York and LA

If be quiet, who will speak for me? Refugees in Syria, brought down on their knees Mama, I know you’re scared, oh I know But so are the mothers in Syria with nowhere to go

The boys in love, holding hands on the street Walking fast, whispering please, let us be The woman with her daughter, barely grown ‘Locker room talk’ making her afraid to walk home

Words so quickly excused, said to be a regret Easy to backtrack, easy to forget Just like the word ‘NO!’ when screamed by a girl Under a man, by no choice of her own”

How can I be quiet, with the world around me?

Spread love, spread love, this is my plea Republican or democrat, right or left wing I don’t give a crap, it’s all the same thing

Spread love, spread love, even for those you don’t understand Spread love, spread love, this is my stand I’m fifteen years old, what can I do?

I can use my big mouth, and so can you

The only planet spilling blood over the best way to spread love It’s simple, for fuck’s sake, stop screwing it up

We’re all just mothers and daughters and sons

Women and refugees and those with the same love I love this country, even in this day and age To those giving up on it, I dare you, make a change Speak up, I say, they hate you? It’s okay

They hated Gandhi too, Matthew Sheppard, MLK

Make enemies, for Pete’s sake, that’s the key But don’t forget: spread love, spread love This is my plea

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