Pull the Trigger (It's Too Late Anyway)
Pull the Trigger (It's Too Late Anyway) drunk stories

reasonsofbeing To know me, read me (;
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Things I should have done to break him before he broke me.

Pull the Trigger (It's Too Late Anyway)

by reasonsofbeing

You pulled the rug from beneath my feet, and I fell and I fell as I watched you beat

As I sank all around me were stars,

but all you saw was the bathroom of bars

You chugged your drinks as I ran away,

laughing at your slurred words telling me "stay"

I know all you are is a fucking drunk, and I'm mighty done being in this funk

So I'll walk away before we capsize,

leaving you behind with all I despize

Our love was fierce and our love was true, but your habits and words have beaten me blue

And now you'll have the bottle, and you'll have the gun

and you'll pull the trigger...to prove that I've run

Photo credits:

http://www.clker.com/clipart-black-gun-1.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUSWbUGL8Zg http://www.packingtownreview.com/issues/4/Larry-O-Dean/Artis


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