The Long Road
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Something I'm learning to do, maybe it'll help jump start you too.

The Long Road

Writing is a way to express your heart without speaking

The worlds you can create with raw emotion

The landscapes you can show people

The visions you can paint without showing a single photo

From snow-covered mountains, the cold sharp wind wisping away the soft, fluffy snow around. Undisturbed snow glistening from the light escaping through the grey sky. The rocky face is hidden under a mask of brilliance, covering potential dangers.

To warm meadows, sunlight gently caressing the skin, flittering through the trees. Flowers dancing in the wind as critters forage for food from nearby berry bushes. The flowing river nearby provides a soothing and calming sound, but there's still a sense of loneliness.

The mountain is the path you choose to travel. It's lonely and cold, and hides dangers you may not see otherwise.

The meadow, a fantasy one holds dear, but no one can find you there. No one is searching for you there, because you haven't told anyone about it.

Sometimes all it takes is a new view to change how we think.

A way to see that you're not alone, that you aren't climbing through that dangerous mountain by yourself. You can see that that meadow would be even better with people you care about.

The other side of the mountain is the path more taken, people guiding others, creating paths, so it's not as hard for people following. Don't push away from accepting help, you don't have to take the same path, but, use the paths others have created to carve out your path to the top. They are your guides.

The "hidden" meadow is a place others have visited alone, a haven for those who think they are alone, all visiting at different times. Slow down, don't just visit the meadow, stop to smell the flowers, take in the beauty, maybe someone who has felt what you have will come and offer you advice, or at least someone else to talk to.

The dark won't be as scary, and the light won't be as blinding. It's hard to fight the fear, but it is what you must do. Know that you are Human too, you are a person, you matter.

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