Stay wild dear child

             Stay wild dear child  child stories

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Stay wild dear child

Stay wild dear child

They called me a wild child “Your necklace takes me back to the 70’s baby”

Wild at heart while still not knowing what it is to live Grasping to each and every ounce of sweet sweet freedom

Fighting to leave the nest while the real world chews you up and spits your naivety back out

Everyone wants to be independent until they realize they’re alone But don’t let that scare you away, stay wild dear child

Hardened through the years, those rose colored glasses tainted with reality Wishing to go back to such simplicity There’s a new kind of wild and I can’t keep up

There’s a coldness in their eyes, rabid and wanting This new breed of child conditioned for survival

Gone are the days where the wild kids roam, replaced by binges of substances unknown Strapped with street smarts you don’t learn in school Stay wild dear child, you’re learning too soon.

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