Intro to my stories? I guess
Intro to my stories? I guess firsttime stories

rdgxshrona I’m a writer with my girlfriend as co
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Intro to my stories? I guess

Hello, I’m r.d.g. This is my first time using this program to write stories. Wish me luck?

I mostly write stories that are lgbtq so if you don’t like that get off. I warned you.

Um, I write with my girlfriend sometimes so there’s that. I just want to have fun and create something people may like. So please do not put hate on me.

So I guess that’s it. Oh, I also suck and spelling so sorry. I also can’t be on all the time because of school and I have a channel YouTube channel to post on. The channel is called R.d.g Random. You don’t have to look it up or subscribe, I just wanted to let you guys know.

So that’s it. See you guys in my stories I guess.

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