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The things that make us friends.

(December 2007)

We Are

We talk. We hope. We share. We laugh. We listen. We cry. We smile. We anger. We have fun. We love.

We brought life into this world. We have passion. We value what's important. We care. We try. We are imperfect. We accept. We are determined. We are successful.

We are daughters. We are sisters. We are wives. We are mothers. We are committed. We are similar. We are different. We dream. We love food.

We love to shop. We enjoy each other's company. We are a phone call away. We are there for each other. We are honest. We trust. We do what's right. We relax. We say what's on our minds. We live.

We are smart. We are special. We are women. We are friends.

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