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rdb15 Poet, creative writer and lover of words
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A poem about being there to provide comfort.

April 2020

In This Moment

You were lying on the floor, curled up in a ball. Not able to cry because you were so out of touch with your emotions. Too many at the same time, but none of them fitting. They weren’t yours anymore. You had denied them for so long.

Then the tears came, like water that breached a levy on a calm summer day. The sunshine and clear blue skies contrasted the turmoil. The relief from the pressure felt so good. Emotions flooding from all of your senses.

Anger. Sadness. Confusion. All being released from your mind, your body and your spirit. Being released through the tears.

I lied there beside you. I held you. I comforted you as your body heaved and released a life time of burdens. Your eyes, red and swollen, were filled with desperation. And the pleading question, “Why am I broken?”

There was nothing I could say in this moment. We lied there in silence. I knew that I needed to be there, on the floor, with you. For you. I have always been here for you, waiting for whenever you needed me. And, now was that time.

I would never abandon you when comfort, kindness and compassion was what you needed the most in this moment.

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