Dear Little Girl Self
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rdb15 Poet, creative writer and lover of words
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A letter to my younger self.
(January 2020)

Dear Little Girl Self

Dear Little Girl Self, I am sorry that I left you there all alone and confused. You had no idea what was happening or why. Words and creativity brought you such joy and freedom, but somewhere along the way I took that away from you and said it wasn’t important. I didn’t mean you weren’t important.

I know you just wanted to dream and do what made your heart sing. But, I thought I knew a better way to get on with life. Sometimes we make mistakes and end up hurting and abandoning those we love the most. I am so sorry I took that away from you Little Girl Self and left you. Can you ever forgive me?

I am so glad I have found you again. you are teaching me so much about who I am and what my purpose is. I wish I would have come back to you sooner, but I was too afraid. Afraid of what I was, what I wasn’t and what I could never be. Through your love, understanding and presence in my life, I have found courage and bravery. I have stepped out of my armour and started

nourishing that creativity you love. I have coloured outside the lines, became a painter and a poet. I wore a bikini and sang with a band. Thank you for letting me remember what it felt like to be so passionate about something it just didn’t matter what other people thought and went a head and did it anyway. You have been missing in my life - the light, hope and love.

I promise to love you as I love my own children, to care for you and hold you close. We are in this together, Little Girl Self, even though it has taken me so long to realize this. I love you! Big Girl Self

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